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Jackson family sues AEG for stars death

English: The star of Michael Jackson on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood Deutsch: Der... 

Get The Look – Celebrity Beach Styles

It’s summer time and you know what that means – time to hit the beach!... 

The Top 5 Charity Organizations for a Movie Star

Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People (Photo credit: BlueRobot) When it comes... 

Most Expensive British Celebrity Divorces

Celebrities in the United States aren’t the only ones to go thru big, nasty... 

Hollywood’s Highest Earning Teens

When you’re a young starlet in Hollywood – there is no age restriction on success.... 

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Oops! Celebrity Mess-Ups

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Gave Him Drug That Killed Him

Michael Jackson’s personal doctor gave the late pop star the drug that killed... 

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester’s Sex Tape Being Shopped

In news that could have been ripped from an episode of Leighton Meester’s racy... 

Kim Kardashian Sunburn Earns Zorro Nickname

Kim Kardashian has a new nickname: Zorro! “Poor little Kimmie laid out too... 

Heidi Klum Pregnant Again Seal Confirms

Seal confirmed his wife Heidi Klum is expecting at a New York City concert. “[The]... 

Howard K Stern, Others Charged for Distributing Prescription Drugs to Anna Nicole Smith

Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole Smith‘s lawyer, and two doctors were charged... 

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Free Steam Key Game Contest Online

Here at 411 Lowdown, we do not only give you the latest news and reviews, but also know how to give you some fun. We have partnered with, to bring you an amazing giveaway for ANY GAME OF YOUR CHOICE! a Rafflecopter giveaway How... [Continue reading ]

7 Most Insidious Movie Villains Of All Time

AFI's 50 Most Wanted: Villians You Love to Hate While we can all appreciate the goatee-wearing, darkly clothed “evil guy” in a James Bond-like action flick, the villains that stick with us are the sly, meticulous and cunning ones that give us... [Continue reading ]

Top 5 Most Addictive iOS Games

I remember lounging on my dorm-room futon, clutching my cherry red Nokia brick phone, playing Snake for hours upon hours upon hours. “Just one more time,” I’d say to myself, fully aware of the bold-faced lie I was telling. It’s a totally simple... [Continue reading ]

Most Popular Films Based on Video Games

One of the main lures of video gaming is the ability for players to enter alternative realities. When playing a video game, a player is sucked into an imaginary world where they become a character taking on challenges and creating or following a story... [Continue reading ]

Top First Person Shooter Games for Your PC

First person shooter games have risen in popularity ever since games have been available to play on the Internet for free. All you need to immerse yourself in some great fast paced and violent action is a good Internet connection and a decent PC. The... [Continue reading ]

Did You Understand Inception?

If you’re like me, you left the cinema after seeing Inception knowing that it was a good movie but not quite grasping the ending. As the movie took turn after turn and left question after question unanswered, my confusion grew. I could loosely follow... [Continue reading ]

Vitamins and Supplements that the Stars Use

Shiny hair, flawless skin, white teeth, tons of energy, sparkly eyes, and all those other beautiful aspects of the human body are what celebrities have in spades. How do they keep themselves looking so good? Part of it comes from regular and dedicated... [Continue reading ]

The Many Collectible Cars of Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is as well known for his flashy cars as he is for American Idol, The X Factor and his gloriously high wasted trousers. Cowell likes his cars fast, and he knows how to hit the gas – evidenced by his storming performance on the racetrack... [Continue reading ]

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