Britney Spears & Matt Leinart an item?

Britney Spears was seen in Scottsdale, AZ smoozing with Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart over the weekend holiday weekend. The two were spotted at a club on Scottsdale road .

Reports vary as far as what happened at the club… everything from Britney was just saying “hi”, to Britney and Matt “grinding” on the dance floor. I think it’s safe to say that she was just saying hi, especially considering that one of her friends is pals w/ Leinart’s baby’s mama (Brynn Cameron).

Of course Britney has almost been single for 2 months now, having left K-Fed in early November.

Matt Leinart was previously dating Paris Hilton after he left USC.

In related news… Britney reportedly fell asleep only minutes after the New Year. Spears hosted a party at Ceasars Palace’s “Pure” night club, but passed out only minutes after the big moment. Her reps say that she was just tired – that she didn’t drink too much, take any drugs or anything like that.

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