Vitamins and Supplements that the Stars Use

Shiny hair, flawless skin, white teeth, tons of energy, sparkly eyes, and all those other beautiful aspects of the human body are what celebrities have in spades. How do they keep themselves looking so good?

Part of it comes from regular and dedicated exercise and good nutrition. Other parts come from great makeup, skin, teeth, hair, and other treatments. And the last part comes from vitamins and supplements, and even chewable vitamins to maintain the exercise, nutrition, and treatments.

Talent alone doesn’t build celebrities, though that’s a huge factor. The other important factor is their looks. If their skin is all crackly, blotched, or scaly, they aren’t going to look good on camera. Yes, they have all those super-skilled stylists, awesome products, and air brushing techniques, but those things will not and cannot do all the work.

Chewable VitaminsIf you have any understanding about the hectic and demanding life of a celebrity is really like, then you know that they are very conscious about staying fit and healthy. Without it, they wouldn’t have the stamina to be superstars.

Ellen DeGeneres is endorsing Vitamin Water, George Foreman has his fat-reducing grills, Jillian Michaels has a whole health plan, Proactiv® Solution has all kinds of celebrity endorsements, as does Bowflex, NutriSystem, and Jenny Craig. Many of these products really do work, but some of them are endorsed because of the salary the celebrity collected.

The main point is that most celebrities do follow some kind of health regimen to keep themselves healthy and good-looking, so they can keep making money.

There are all kinds of vitamins, chewable vitamins, and herbal supplements to assist your body’s needs and demands. You can look as good as the stars do. It may take some time for your body to correct damage and restore your body’s natural gleam, but it can be done.

A few things known that the stars use is Vitamin E oil around the eyes to reduce crow’s feet, zinc for enhanced metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, energy, and preserving healthy skin, and collagen for metabolism and maintaining healthy skin and connective tissue

Do it like the stars do. Maintain a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and use those vitamins and supplements to retain your vitality and youth. Then everyone will want to know your secret!

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