Are Reality TV Shows Ruining The Future Of Celebrity

Cast your mind back to when celebrities were enigmas. Before the age of the internet and even television, celebrities were figures of mystique and charm that fascinated people. Once television and film became de rigueur, actors and actresses were elevated to star status. Musicians were celebrated and idolised. In the days before reality TV took over, the term ‘celebrity’ was reserved for anybody in the arts who had become famous for rising to the top of their game.

Now, things are very different indeed. The advent of reality TV has turned the notion of celebrity on its head, and now you can be famous just for being an idiot, an attention-seeker or a human car crash. The real celebrities have been pushed out of our consciousness somewhat; we are still interested in them but it is hard to hear about what they are up to without being flooded with banal ‘celebrity’ news about people we neither know of or care about. It seems now that the people who shout the loudest get the most media coverage, and there are plenty of PR experts out there who can organise for a reality TV non-entity to become headline news, just from one publicity stunt. Here are a couple of programs which have generated the most ‘stars’:

Big Brother

A format which has been repeated in nearly every country across the world, Big Brother puts a bunch of strangers in a house together and films what happens. It’s a pretty basic formula, but is one that has captured the public’s attention. Unfortunately, it has also captured a whole load of wannabes’ attention and they reign supreme these days. The beauty of the original format is that the house was filled with people just like you and me. Now the megalomaniacs have caught onto it, it’s just a bunch of clowns bouncing around to camera, vying for attention.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a format whereby ‘celebrities’ (for that read people who once did something vaguely memorable but nobody has heard of them since) try to impress the ‘boss’ by completely a series of business challenges. One by one they are fired, leaving the last one standing with the unenviable position of being the bighead’s latest sidekick. The series promotes selfish business tactics in a poisonous atmosphere, and people are learning that the way to be successful on The Apprentice is basically just to get on everybody’s nerves a little but not quite enough to get fired.

Of course there are the talent-based shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ that have actually inspired people to learn to dance, so it’s not all bad. But because of programmes like the ones above (and there are many others) we are now awash with people who want the fast-track to fame, who haven’t yet learnt that it’s even faster on the way back down again.

The silver lining to the cloud must be that the real celebrities are probably thrilled about the whole thing – surely if the paparazzi are busy hunting down this season’s reality freak it means that there is more chance of them being left alone!

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